Hire 46/47/48/49/50 Tonne Mass Excavators in Essex, Kent & London

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46, 47, 48, 49 and 50 Tonne Mass Excavator Rental Hire in Essex, Kent & London

Chunnel Group provides an outstanding mass excavator rental service and our equipment range includes 46 to 50 tonne options to suit any requirements. All of our machinery is the highest possible quality and we prioritise the safety of our clients, operators and the public over everything else. Every excavator is fitted with the latest safety and security tech to offer peace of mind.

Kent-based 46-50 tonne mass excavator rental company. Est. 1973

From our base in southeast Kent we have been hiring out various mass excavators for almost 50 years. Whether you need a 46 tonne machine, a 50 tonne machine, or anything in between, our expert are here to make the hire process as quick and easy as possible. We are experienced construction industry specialists with diverse expertise and a passion for excellent customer service.

Delivering mass excavators from 46 to 50 tonnes in London

As well as 46-50 tonne mass excavators for hire in London, Kent and Essex, Chunnel Group has other plant available to rent or buy and our range of services includes earthworks, sea defence and heavy haulage.

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