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Chunnel – Celebrating 50 Years!

Our experienced and qualified construction specialists that make up the successful team here at Chunnel Group have been providing a wide range of professional plant hire services since 1973, and we are thrilled to celebrate our 50th Anniversary this year. We pride ourselves on being a family-run business and specialists within earthworks, sea defence, plant hire, and heavy haulage with incredibly diverse expertise and a total commitment to quality.

We guarantee a flawless service, which over the years has gained us an unrivalled reputation for offering unbeatable services at competitive prices. As we commemorate our 50th Anniversary, we promise that our complete packages will meet your specific project requirements, and that our friendly, supportive staff will answer all inquiries promptly โ€“ developing a good working relationship with clients is so important to us! Since our knowledge of the construction industry is second to none, and we only employ the best people to join Chunnelโ€™s growing crew of experts, you can rest assured your project is in capable hands.

Chunnel is the number one choice for clients looking for skilled operators and reliable machines to hire โ€“ including bulldozers, loading shovels, large excavators, and dump trucks. We have been delivering outstanding services for decades with exceptional attention to detail, and as we celebrate our 50th Anniversary, we look forward to continuing to do so well into the future. Thank you for 50 years of trust and support!

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Plant Hire Kent

With our wide range of well-maintained equipment, we ensure efficiency and safety for every project. We offer plant hire services throughout the heart of Kent, the Kent coast and neighbouring counties such as Surrey, Sussex, Essex, including supplying and contracting to the rest of the United Kingdom. We are keen on providing these areas and beyond with essential machinery such as excavators, bulldozers, Dump trucks and much more.

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As Chunnel strives to be the number one choice for plant hire, earthworks, and sea defence we offer our clients a high level of internal expertise, a family approach to business, and quality machinery. Contact us for personalised plant hire solutions, tailored to your needs.

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